Truth is an Egg

two eggs sitting on a table

Truth is an Egg.

It is fluid, but certain, and full of possibility. Gooey, sticky, messy.

An egg can birth many things. Knowing the truth about something, someone, ourselves, our family, community, or nation–knowing the truth can lead to all manner of new possibilities. It can lead to the birth of something altogether new.

Truth is an Egg.

It is very maleable and transformable. It can be served up in all kinds of ways: fried, scrambled, poached, or over easy. How do you like your Truth? Cut to the chase? Raw and unembellished? Or dressed up with some added frills? Perhaps a chaser to help it go down? Or better served with a side of humor?

Truth is an Egg.

Which makes me think of the Egg Drop Challenge from junior high (southern California 80’s version of middle school). You have to find a way to wrap the egg in such a way that when it is dropped from several feet up your egg will survive the ordeal. So you have to get creative. We dropped ours off the roof of a classroom. I think it all had to fit in a coffee can, but otherwise it was up to you what else went inside. Between your egg and the coffee can had to be a serious buffer: Bubble wrap. Foam. Styrofoam peanuts. Pillow stuffing. Thick liquid. Sand. How seriously you took the problem, the challenge, dictated whether your egg survived unharmed–and therefore the outcome of your grade. Sure, completing the project got you some credit. But how damaged was your egg? A hair line crack? A Fracture? A full splat?

Truth is an Egg.

How do we protect the Truth? What buffers do we provide to shelter the Truth from those who seek to alter, mismanage, suppress, delete, censor, oversimplify, exaggerate…. What about when “those who seek to alter” include our loved ones or even ourselves? How seriously do we take the task of protecting the Egg that is the Truth?

Because more than just a junior high grade is depending on it.

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