Crafting a Better World

“Stay Home and …!”

I know many are getting the itch to leave home and go back to “normal” but now is NOT the time. [and we really need to reimagine what “normal” is/could/should be anyway]. Meanwhile….not everyone can stay home, but hopefully everyone who can is trying their best to minimize contact with others, stay home when possible, physical distance, and wear face coverings–because all our yarny loves’ lives are depending on each other, as we always have, but certainly now more than ever. We’re all struggling, some of us far more than others.

This series of writings/videos is inspired by crafting. As a local yarn store owner and multi-media crafter, I’m always using lots of materials to make things. As a worship artist/ritual person, I’m always exploring metaphor for meaning-making. And so this series is about translating many of the tools and practices of crafting to this moment we are in personally/spiritually/collectively.

My hope in creating this series of writings/videos is to provide a small bit of meaning-making to support you and yours as you support you and yours. I hope they might inspire people in finding meaning; meaning especially in the language and practice of the tools, skills, and culture of crafting. So that we might reimagine--and move beyond imagining–to craft a better world. Please feel free to share these with others. Use for a shared reflection in your virtual stitch group, your faith community’s virtual worship service, or other virtual community gathering. Feel free to share with friends in need of space for focusing on some internal work or just taking some time for reflection. We craft a better world when we spread tools and ideas for meaning-making freely with one another.

If you would like to use these videos and/or writings, please feel free. If you need assistance with downloads or want to discuss in anyway, please contact me via email here. I will attempt to include in each post some further questions or ways to tease out more meaning or exploration for your virtual group/gathering so that you can extend/deepen the metaphor/conversation and make more specific connections to issues/questions of concern in your community/context.

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